America Not Utilizing Immigrant Talent

Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: America Not Utilizing Immigrant TalentAmerica has always been the land of opportunity. The idea is that America is a place where anyone who plays by the rules is welcome with open arms to prosper and enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Recent updates in immigration law prove problematic for many reasons—one being that talented individuals may be deterred from immigrating to the U.S. Furthermore, valuable citizens may feel a pull to leave. As a nation that has always been a magnet for the best and the brightest, things might be changing for the worse.

Value Creators Now Have Options

In the past, America had a monopoly on opportunity. People flocked here from all corners of the earth in order to make it for themselves and their families. Now, the brightest minds in places such as India and China are staying. In the past, developing nations had little to offer their brightest class of citizens, but these days, they are offering more incentives to stay. Compounding the problem for the United States, other western nations, particularly Canada, are offering talented immigrants many reasons to immigrate there.

Push and Pull Factors

Push and pull factors are key terms in the study of business. Researchers from the University of Illinois have recently examined the factors that motivate up and coming entrepreneurs to leave their current situations and strike out on their own. Often, people leave their current employ in search of financial rewards. But another pull factor is creative freedom. People also want an equity interest—not to line another person’s pockets with their hard work.

There are also negative push factors—factors that operate to push people out of their current situations. For example, bad supervision and stifling bureaucracy often push good employees away. When talented employees feel a disparity between their own interests and the interests of their employer, they start strategizing their next move. These same factors are at play in immigration. Immigrants can feel positive pull from foreign territories, and a negative push from their current homeland.

Pushing Away Talented Immigrants Is Detrimental

In the business world, it is clear that when talented employees leave an organization to found their own entities, it is detrimental to the original company’s business interest and survival. When spinout founders leave, they usually take the best people with them when they go. By allowing push factors to become a part of our national narrative, we are inviting a mass exodus of talent.

The United States may also be experiencing an increase in hostility, which is detrimental to the daily lives of immigrants. Hostility to immigrant talent does not benefit anyone.

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