Philadelphia Citizenship Lawyers | Delayed Approval of Green Cards Causing Serious Hardship for Some Immigrants and Their Families

In June of 2012, Citizenship and Immigration Services began a major initiative aimed at making sweeping changes to the immigration enforcement system. At the request of President Obama, the agency implemented the deferral program know as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The program’s primary goal is to shift the allocation of enforcement resources from low-priority cases, such as immigrant children, to higher ones, such as violent criminals, felons and reoffenders. In February 2014, 521,815 youths had received deferrals, leading many in the immigrant community to view the program as a great success.

Recently, however, Citizenship and Immigration Services has come under scrutiny because of dramatic increases in processing times for green cards. According to administration officials, the reason for the delays has to do with a shifting of priority and resources to the new deferral program. Unless the Department of Homeland Security takes action, deferrals will continue to rise and subsequently, the rate at which green cards are granted will continue to fall. For many families, this course of action has resulted in undue hardship and suffering that, in some cases, has lasted for as long as fifteen months.

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