How the First 100 Days Affected Immigration

One of the major points of action and, indeed, contention within the president’s first 100 days in office was the issue of immigration. A list released by the Trump administration which details “victories” of the administration within the first 100 days goes into some detail regarding the enforcement of immigration law. Highlighted in particular are the executive orders issued by the administration, including the construction of a border wall, withdrawing finances from sanctuary cities, and hiring 10,000 immigration officers. Attorney General Jeff Sessions also posted an announcement on April 11 in which he urged prosecutors to crack down on immigration.

Aside from the immigration laws that primarily affect Mexican immigrants, Trump has also placed restrictions on a number of countries that the administration said were terrorist risks. The administration came under fire for the order, which was referred to by the media and, in some cases, members of White House press as a “Muslim ban.” The original order was dismantled in a Seattle federal court, which had its ruling upheld by the federal appeals court. The ban was revised, and blocked again, this time by a Hawaii federal judge.

The Border Wall and Sanctuary Cities

As of today, no funding for the now infamous border wall has yet been revealed. In a recent interview, a Republican senator stated that the prototype has not yet been created, and lawmakers plan to postpone the idea of financing the project until Fall. The slated cost for the wall has been ballparked at about $1.4 trillion, which would cover design and construction of the barrier along the southern United States border.

Opponents of the project disagree with the idea for a number of reasons – between immigrants providing more to the United States than they take out, the huge cost of the project itself, and creating a rift between the United States and its neighbors.

Sanctuary cities, which have historically pushed back against anti-immigration legislation by refusing to arrest and deport undocumented immigrants, have come under fire from the administration. Trump’s January executive order to withdraw federal funds from any city refusing to uphold federal immigration law has faced turbulence in courtrooms, however. A national hold was placed by a federal judge on the order, until the constitutionality of the order can be determined. Even if the order is upheld, certain aspects of federal funds would not be affected, such as Medicaid.

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