New Asylum Restrictions

Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers at Surin & Griffin, P.C. Help Immigrants Apply for Affirmative Asylum Status in the United States.A Supreme Court order issued in September gives the Trump administration the authority to enforce new restrictions to essentially prevent all migrants originating in Central America from seeking asylum in the United States. The order applies to migrants traveling through other countries en route to the U.S. who choose not to request asylum in any country they pass through.

Asylum is the protection offered to foreign-born individuals seeking protection from persecution in their country of origin because of their, “race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion” as defined by the United Nations 185 Convention, 1967 Protocol, and the Refugee Act of 1980. An asylee is able to work in the United States, apply for Social Security, and petition to bring family members to the U.S.

Who is Impacted by the Restrictions

The order would essentially end migration into the Southwestern border by immigrants coming from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and other Central and South American nations. Asylum seekers coming directly from Mexico are not affected by the latest restrictions.

The new rule has lingered in various lower courts for quite a while. One California federal judge’s attempt to issue an injunction on the change was blocked twice by the 9th United States Circuit Court of Appeals. Ultimately, the Supreme Court took on the case at the request of the Justice Department.

The Supreme Court Addresses the Asylum Restrictions

The rule specifically states that only immigrants who are victims of “severe” human trafficking or have been denied asylum status in another country are permitted to seek protection in the United States. Supreme Court solicitor general, Noel J. Francisco said the policy is needed to address an extreme, “surge in the number of aliens who enter the country unlawfully cross the southern border” and remain in the United States while their claims are processed.

Opposition to New Asylum Restrictions

Open opponents of the new asylum restrictions are not only concerned about the far-reaching impact the rule will have on what Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor calls, “some of the most vulnerable people in the Western hemisphere.” They also take issue with how the case reached the nation’s highest court, seemingly without completing the established judicial process and passing through all of the lower courts as intended.

With this new Supreme Court order, protection from violence and humanitarian abuses in other countries has become more elusive. Surin & Griffin, P.C.’s team of caring and experience immigration lawyers in Philadelphia is here to answer your questions about the new restrictions and assist you in resolving your immigration matter as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers at Surin & Griffin, P.C. Help Clients and Their Family Members Seeking Asylum

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