Philadelphia Immigration Lawyer Presents on Asylum Law

 On October 14, 2015, Philadelphia immigration lawyer,Thomas Griffin, Esq., partner at Surin & Griffin was on a distinguished panel of professors and practitioners who presented the latest developments in Asylum Law to a group of Philadelphia attorneys interested in International Law. Mr. Griffin’s presentation focused on the cutting-edge issue of the Terrorism-Related bars to asylum in the United States.  This is a complicated area of law that prevents members and associates of suspected terrorist organizations, and those who provided “material support” to them,  from seeking asylum in the United States. The difficulties faced by many persecuted people from around the world are the extremely broad definition of “terrorist organization” and “material support,” and the fact that groups fighting for democracy and  against tyrannical and oppressive regimes can still be barred from obtaining asylum protection in the United States.

View the article in the Philadelphia Bar Reporter here.

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