Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: Immigration and America’s Founding Fathers

Some modern politicians are advocating for unrestricted, open borders. Specifically, President Obama has stated that restricting immigration in the name of national security is offensive and contrary to American values. However, the founders of our nation may have disagreed with this. It can be argued that the founding fathers only intended to accept immigrants with a desire to incorporate into our society. They emphasized that we should retain a unified national character and protect our existing citizens first and foremost.

Our founders made clear that foreigners should only be allowed to enter this country if their presence would enhance and protect our nation. In 1790, James Madison said that we should do everything in our power to induce worthy immigrants to settle here—worthy being the key word. He believed that not just anyone should be granted citizenship. Rather, we should only allow people to acquire the rights of citizenship if they will increase the wealth and strength of our community. According to Madison, if an immigrant is unwilling or unable to assimilate, they should be excluded from our society.

George Washington felt that immigrants should be absorbed into our way of life and intermixed with our existing citizens, so that we may become a unified nation.

Another founding father, Alexander Hamilton, wrote that the safety of our nation depended upon us having a uniformity of principles and habits, and a common national sentiment. He warned that by incorporating a large number of foreigners, many of whom are loyal to their homeland and espouse hatred of certain other nations, it would only serve to divide our community. He feared that unrestricted immigration would breed mistrust and suspicion among people during times of war, and feared that new United States citizens might ally with enemy nations. He compared the indiscriminate lawful entry of immigrants to allowing a Trojan horse into the city’s walls.

Recently, a bipartisan majority of U.S. senators adopted an amendment to prevent the federal government from ever taking religion into account in immigration and entrance decisions, on grounds that it goes against the fundamental principals espoused by our forefathers. However, it is questionable whether this is actually what our forefathers intended. A close reading of history indicates that they intended entry only be granted to quality foreigners with a desire to make America stronger, and who are willing to assimilate into our culture. The rest, according to the fathers, should be turned away to preserve the safety of the republic.

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