Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: Applying for Deportation Relief

President Obama continues efforts to get opponents, as well as Republicans, to embrace his executive actions concerning immigration.  He is urging undocumented workers to apply for deportation relief that will extend into the next presidency. The new policy would allow undocumented immigrants to work legally, pay taxes, and avoid deportation.  Many undocumented immigrants fear that coming forward may be used against them sometime in the future.

Obama understands that the next president could overturn the program.  Moreover, Republicans are fighting the new policy despite the fact that the program could help approximately five million people with grant relief over the next three years. The uncertain future of this policy leaves eligible immigrants fearful of their fate should they reveal themselves and apply for relief.

Advocates of the program sought reassurance from President Obama that eligible immigrants who completed the application for relief would not be at risk for deportation in the future, should the next administration dismantle the program.  President Obama indicates that the fear many immigrants have is an even greater reason for advocates to push for reform and get the law passed by Congress.

Essentially, Obama is reinforcing that undocumented workers will be at less risk for deportation, especially if Congress passes a bill that creates viable options for obtaining citizenship. The President further explained that undocumented immigrants who have applied for relief will be in a better position than those who currently work under the table, because they will have a part of the screening process already completed.

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