Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers Discuss Arizona’s Immigration Law

During the February 25, 2016 Republican presidential debate, presidential hopeful, Ted Cruz, discussed Arizona’s immigration laws and asserted that the state has experienced an economic boost from its immigration population. Cruz claimed that immigrants, regardless of legal status, have had an impact on the overall savings in Arizona in the educational sector, prison systems and public assistance.

Cruz asserted that immigrants helped to save the state and overall economy several hundreds of millions of dollars. Cruz reports that the savings came in the form of prison administration costs, education programs and in general social safety net programs such as welfare and food stamps. Moreover, the senator asserts that unemployment rates fell and wages rose for legal immigrants.

Sadly, the majority of the law Cruz cited as good public policy was struck down by the United States Supreme Court.

Additional information on immigration in Arizona include:

  • From 2008 to 2012, the state’s enrollment in intensive English language immersion declined by 80,000 students, with a resulting approximately $350 million per year in savings.
  • Arizona’s noncitizen prison population declined by 1,400 inmates.
  • In regards to welfare, undocumented immigrants cannot obtain welfare benefits so immigrants in Arizona did not cost the state any monies for public assistance.

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