Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: Strict Enforcement of Immigration Laws Keeps out Volunteers, Speakers

There has been extensive coverage of President Trump’s travel ban both here at home and around the world. It has been revised and challenged and examined, but perhaps the most important aspect of the ban is the memorandum that was issued simultaneously on March 6, when the revised travel ban came out. It calls for “rigorous enforcement” of immigration laws, giving the government agencies wide berth to deport individuals as they see necessary.

The Effects of Stringent Borders

This directive affects not only the six countries outlined in the travel ban, but all travelers to the U.S. as well as people living here within the country. It gives immigration officers at the border broad powers and the effect has already been felt by people of all ages and nationalities entering the United States. A church group from Canada was turned away as they tried to enter to do mission work. The border agents said they did not have proper documentation for their trip and could not prove they would not be taking away American jobs. Their host church in New Jersey had previously received 7 other Canadian groups to help with clean up from Hurricane Sandy without any problems at all. A French holocaust historian on his way to a conference in Houston was held for 10 hours at customs because the immigrations officer there mistakenly told him he was not allowed to enter on a tourist visa.

These examples are of visitors to the United States who were shaken but perhaps only inconvenienced by their experiences. There are significant groups of immigrants living here in the country who have much more at stake. They will have no way to challenge the discretion of an immigration officer and no opportunity to voice their side of the story. Many of them have built their lives here and have families who depend upon them, but a chance encounter with the law may mean deportation with no regard for individual circumstances or situations. Often people awaiting deportation are locked up like prisoners in detention until the day they have to leave the country. Although the law allows a lighter treatment with more consideration of due process, the strict enforcement of the immigration rules under the current administration disregards this option entirely.

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