Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers Report on Funds Donated for Immigration Overhaul

Sizeable donations from The Ford Foundation, The Carnegie Corporation of New York, The Open Society Foundations, and the Atlantic Philanthropies have made it possible for President Obama to make some major changes in the immigration enforcement system. Over the past several years, groups fighting for immigrant rights have grown in number and power in spite of the partisan issues that contributed to stalling decisions about reform.  The number of people involved continues to increase as marches and rallies take place all throughout the United States demanding immigration reform.

The majority of people who currently want to obtain citizenship came to America as children.  They have lived, worked, and contributed to the economy. They call this country their own and feel that they have earned the rights of U.S. citizenship.

Philanthropy groups have been accused of trying to win immigration reform as part of a political movement to strengthen the Democratic Political Party.   Leaders of the foundations that support the groups rallying for immigrant rights state that they did not violate tax laws that prohibited them from funding any type partisan campaign.  The director of the United States programs for the Atlantic Philanthropies has expressed that the organization, along with others, did not use funds to support candidates or get involved in partisan politics.

Immigration reform advocates are encouraged because Obama’s reform will shield millions from deportation.  They feel that the United States is one step closer to allowing citizenship for the many undocumented immigrants who want to call America their home.

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