Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: Immigration Awareness Month

April is Immigration Awareness Month. Observing Immigration Awareness Month means taking the time to learn a bit more about how immigration works in the United States, and how it can impact both local communities and our country as a whole. The Office of Immigration Statistics, or OIS, reports a number of different immigration benefits for foreign people. The most common forms of benefits are lawful permanent residence, refugee or asylum status, citizen naturalization, and temporarily admitting non-immigrants.

Lawful Permanent Residents

Each year, the United States admits roughly one million immigrants for lawful permanent residence. Almost half those admitted are adult women, with about a third being adult men, and the remainder being children of either gender. Over 70 countries have their citizens granted lawful permanent residence in the United States each year, with Mexico being the most significant at about 15 percent of all LPR immigration.

China and India make up seven and six percent, respectively, while the Philippines and Cuba make up about five percent each. These LPR immigrations are an important part of our national identity, as the incoming citizens bring along their culture, customs, and language, giving our society a more versatile identity and broadening the makeup of our country. Even factors like food or music have a significant impact on communities around the country, with American-born citizens gaining exposure to aspects of other national cultures that they otherwise may have never encountered.

Refugees & Asylees

The United States also takes in about 70,000 refugees in a given year, most of them from conflict zones around the world such as Iraq or Syria. Refugees in the United States tend to be young, with about 40 percent being under 18, with another 35 percent between 18 and 34. The main difference between refugees and asylees is the way that they are processed and admitted to the United States. Refugees are granted protection by the United States, typically because their home country is involved in conflict, or because they are at risk of persecution due to race, religion, or other characteristic. Asylees are those in similar scenarios, who are already in the United States or at a port of entry to the US.

Non-Immigrant Arrivals

Non-immigrant arrivals are largely here for tourism, with vacationers encompassing about four-fifths of all visitors. Another 10 percent are here for temporary business purposes, while the rest are students or temporary workers.

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