Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers Discuss New California Law Permitting Drivers’ Licenses for Immigrants

California Governor, Jerry Brown, signed AB 60 into law last fall permitting undocumented immigrants in California to apply for drivers’ licenses.  Undocumented immigrants who pass a written exam and driving test, along with proof of residency and identity, can now be issued a driver’s license in the state of California.   AB 60 also prohibits the use of immigrants’ drivers’ licenses for criminal investigation or arresting and detaining people based on immigration status.

There are roughly 2.6 million undocumented immigrants living in California.  As a result of the new law, the California DMV estimates that they will receive an increase of 1.4 million new driver’s license applications over the next three years.  To meet the demand, the DMV has opened four new processing centers, hired 900 new employees, and extended its hours of operation.

The new law is expected to dispel stigmas and lead to more educational and employment opportunities for many immigrants.  Officials are optimistic that AB 60 will increase motor vehicle safety in California communities by reducing the number of unlicensed drivers on the road.

AB 60 represents a small, but important, victory for immigration reform.  California lawmakers are hopeful that the new law will result in increased respect for undocumented immigrants as well as allowing immigrants greater access to health care, education, and job opportunities.

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