Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: New Jersey Boasts a Thriving Immigrant Population

One in every five New Jersey residents was born in another country. There are currently 1.9 million immigrants living in New Jersey, and this number is growing every year. Why do so many immigrants choose to make New Jersey their home? The reasons are as varied as the people.

The ethnic breakdown of New Jersey’s immigrant population is incredibly diverse. India, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic are the top three countries of origin for New Jersey’s immigrants. New Jersey counties with the largest immigrant populations include Hudson County, Middlesex County, Bergen County, Essex County, and Union County.

For various immigrant groups, the reasons for settling in New Jersey differ. Cubans fleeing political strife established a community in New Jersey that subsequent generations reinforced over decades. The large Asian population in Middlesex County was created in part by telecom and pharmaceutical companies that recruited talent from Asian countries in the last 30 years. The sizeable Korean population in Bergen County sought and settled in a community offering good schools, as education was a priority for them.

Immigrant Populations Help Towns Thrive

Once the first wave of immigrants from a country settle in a city or town, generations follow and a thriving home away from home is born. The earliest immigrants help future waves of family members and friends find homes, jobs, and schools. There is comfort in the familiar traditions and beliefs.

With thriving immigrant populations comes impressive political, economic, and professional power. More than 40 percent of the state’s workers in professions like medicine and science are foreign-born. One-third of all New Jersey businesses are owned by immigrants. Latino immigrants possess a whopping $46B in purchasing power. More than one-fourth of all New Jersey workers are immigrants.

Statistics show that immigrants are no longer on the fringe of New Jersey’s population; they are flourishing, and they are powerful. Their contributions to the economy and culture of New Jersey cannot be underestimated.

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