Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: New Opportunities in Law Enforcement for Legal Immigrants and Green Card Holders

Local police agencies across the country are looking to immigrant populations as a source of personnel for understaffed departments and in communities that need more diversity in their police force. While the majority of police agencies still require that their officers be citizens of the United States, some innovative state agencies are now allowing legal immigrants and green card holders opportunities to serve in law enforcement in their communities.

Regulations vary across the country. For example, Chicago and Hawaii do not restrict legal immigrants from becoming law enforcement officers, regardless of whether or not the applicant is a temporary visa holder or in the process of becoming a green card holder. Police departments in Los Angeles and Cincinnati require that applicants at a minimum have a pending citizenship application filed with the relevant federal agency pertaining to their immigration status. Local law enforcements agencies in Boulder, Colorado and Burlington, Vermont, mandate that all officers be legal permanent residents, or in possession of a green card.

With over 25,000 non-U.S. citizens now serving in the U.S. military, there seems to be a growing groundswell of support for allowing honorably discharged military men and women, regardless of citizenship status, to serve as police officers in their local communities and in diverse regions throughout the country. The Nashville police department has recently been interfacing with other state Tennessee departments to advocate for changes in state legislation that currently restrict non U.S. Citizens from active duty.

While there is an attraction and precedence for immigrants to migrate to regions such as the New York Metropolitan area or Miami, there is a need for new immigrants to work in more remote communities, with growing immigrant populations. Those on the forefront of advocating for modification of the citizenship requirements for their local law enforcement agencies stress the importance of diversity within the police force and the advantages that immigrant law enforcement officers bring when working with culturally diverse communities.

Legal immigrants from Canada, Mexico, Central America, the U.K, and the Bahamas have been a benefit to state police departments across Colorado, which typically struggle to hire for state trooper positions in the more remote regions of the state. Communities with changing demographics, such as Burlington, Vermont, are looking to immigrant officers to help their law enforcement agencies better reflect the new populations they are serving.

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