Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: NY May Allow Undocumented Workers as Teachers

The New York Department of Education recently proposed a new rule to allow a select population of undocumented workers to become certified teachers and other licensed professionals. The New York Department of Education is referencing the President Obama’s Deferred Action Childhood Arrival Executive Order, which allows those who came to the United States prior to turning 16 years of age to lawfully remain in the country, in its proposed law. New York is using the same criteria as well as additional ones to allow those who have been unable to become certified due to citizenship status to apply for certification. All applicants will also have to meet the state’s mandatory minimum educational requirements. If the proposed bill passes, the measure would amend the state regulations to allow for anyone who came to the country prior to turning 16 years of age and obtained all necessary educational requirements to apply for certification in any of the 53 professions that the New York Department of Education controls, including a number of medical professions.

The State Education Commissioner has said it does not seem fair when a person comes to America as a child and grows up following all the rules only to be told that they cannot become certified teachers. Some of those same young people who are denied the ability to become a certified teacher have been allowed to serve in the military yet are being barred from a career in education. The Department of Education is allowing for a public comment period, as is custom in most administrative rule making matters. The state Department of Education Board of Regents will take the matter up during their May meeting, after the public comment period closes to allow the decision makers to review all comments and to allow time for reflection on the proposal. If the Board of Regents approves the proposed rules, they will go into effect on June 1, 2016.

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