Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers Report On Obama Immigration Crisis Announcement

USA Today recently reported that President Obama pledged to make an announcement soon about his plans to address the immigration crisis in America.  Fresh from the NATO Summit in Wales, Obama said he plans to evaluated recent updates and recommendations received from Homeland Security and Attorney General Eric Holder on the current immigration issues, but did not indicate when the announcement would be made.

Supporters and opponents to the immigration reform plans are anxious to hear President Obama’s latest announced since he had previously promised to take executive action on immigration reform by the end of this summer.  His pending announcement will be the first step in implementing his plans to make improvements to the current system in place to handle the increasing numbers of illegal immigrants crossing U.S. borders. In the USA Today article, Obama indicated that he is contemplating putting more resources on the borders and establishing ways to encourage legal immigration by fining those entering the country illegally.

House Democrats and Republicans remain at odds over immigration reform issues, which are becoming an increasingly vital matter affecting the upcoming November elections.  Obama’s current plans could allow illegal citizens already in the country to establish work permits and citizenship, which Republicans strongly oppose.  Democrats are asking the President to wait until after the election to address the issue in the hopes that Congress will act on the legislation before an executive action is necessary.

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