Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: Raids on Immigrants are Imminent

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency has begun large scale raids involving as many as 100,000 immigrant families. The immigrants – many of which came from Central American countries in 2014 and 2015 – have already been denied asylum or previously ordered by a judge to be deported, often only because they were not aware that they had to report for a hearing in immigration court. Philadelphia immigration lawyers say the deportations will take place immediately once a targeted immigrant is located. During the first weekend in January, 121 women and children in three states were awakened before dawn and processed for return to their home countries.

Many immigrants who have been issued final deportation orders may not even be aware of their status, or may have missed deadlines to file an appeal because of a lack of familiarity with the American immigration process and asylum procedures. Peaceful, law-abiding immigrants who have been issued Social Security numbers and work permits could nonetheless be forcibly removed from their homes.

Moreover, federal immigration detention centers – including one located in Berks County, Pennsylvania – have been criticized for their unfair treatment of detainees, many of whom are women and children fleeing violence and other unsafe conditions abroad. According to a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services survey, 88% of mothers housed in federal immigration detention centers in 2015 were afraid to return to their home countries.

Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers at Surin & Griffin, PC Represent Families Targeted for Deportation

Although an undocumented immigrant may be understandably intimidated by the American legal system, evading authorities is not a viable long-term solution. Philadelphia immigration lawyers at Surin & Griffin, PC represent families targeted for deportation, including those seeking asylum from violence abroad. If you or a loved one is in need of legal representation, call 215-925-4435 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.