Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: State Anti-Immigration Laws

A study released by the University of Washington – Dartmouth shows that the anti-immigration laws in certain states affect the decisions of all Latinos considering a move to those states. Study findings indicate that Latinos born in the U.S., Latinos that have migrated to the U.S. and have attained citizenship, and Latinos that are non-citizens all have decreased their migration to these so-called “hostile states.”

Hostile States

According to the study, a “hostile state” is defined as one that passes anti-immigration laws requiring immigration status verification. This check of immigration status is required to obtain a driver’s license. A “hostile state” may also have laws for universal employment verification. This requires an individual to provide proof of citizenship in order to gain employment. Some states have also ceased funding for “sanctuary cities.” These cities do not allocate funds to persecute immigrants that may have entered the country without documentation.

States deemed “hostile” by the study are as follows: Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

Effects of Anti-Immigration Laws on Latinos

Anti-immigration laws are created with a concentration on non-citizen Latinos. However, according to the study’s co-author, Richard Wright, these laws affect the movement of all Latinos to “hostile states.” Beginning in 1995, the study focuses heavily on effects of the recession in 2008 and the migrations of Latinos during and after the recession. According to Wright, recessions slow down the rate of migration by individuals. The study also discovered that Latinos moved to “hostile states” at much lower rates after the recession and the creation of anti-immigration laws in those states.

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