Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: Travel Bans Issued by the President Affect Tech Start-ups

Philadelphia Immigration lawyers are keeping up with the rapid new developments in immigration law happening under President Trump’s administration. In late January, he issued an executive order banning entry in the country for people from seven Middle-Eastern countries. That executive order now remains contested, but what the future holds is uncertain. Philadelphia Immigration lawyers are constantly monitoring the most up-to-date information and how it applies to our clients.

The travel ban issued by President Trump in its original form temporarily banned entry to any person traveling from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. The original executive order included anyone holding a green-card who is originally from these countries. This sort of action affects technology start-ups disproportionately since they traditionally hire applicants from all over the world and their employees may regularly travel globally to win customers. Additionally, many of these start-ups rely on Silicon Valley venture capitalists to raise funding.

Many technology start-ups are now advising their employees not to travel outside of the United States in the current environment. Additionally, these companies have doubts about whether to even hire employees from one of the seven “banned” countries.

Although the current executive order has been halted and people from the seven countries can now freely enter the country, President Trump is expected to issue another more-tailored travel ban very soon. It is expected that the new order may exclude green-card holders, or those known as legal permanent residents, but it is unclear how else the executive order may be modified.

Tech Companies May Move

Technology start-ups are feeling the pressure and beginning to consider other options, like relocation to Canada to avoid the current instability of immigration policy in the United States. Additionally, some companies are scrapping plans to open larger operations in the United States as a result of the executive order. Immigration lawyers, on the heels of the executive order immediately advised employees not to travel outside of the United States. The new version of the executive order may or may not change that advice, depending on what it states specifically.

Other start-ups are reporting a sudden drop in attendance at conferences in the U.S. as a result of the order, even if it is temporarily halted. The current situation is too volatile and rapidly-changing for some people to attempt to enter the United States given the unpredictability of the final order. This could have a lasting negative effect on the tech industry in the United States since we can no longer regularly rely on the H1-B visa if the person hails from one of the seven named countries, or any country for that matter.

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