Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: Trump Signs Travel Ban, Causing International Uproar

On Friday, President Trump signed his travel ban that bars refugees and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim nations from entering the country for three months. Affected countries in the ban include Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia. When the order was signed, some travelers were en route to the US and could not enter the country. Other travelers were detained; and still others were sent back to their original departure base. A flood of backlash from protesters and foreign leaders followed the signing of the ban, and critics deem the order unconstitutional and discriminatory. Lawsuits against this order have been filed, and a federal judge temporarily and partially blocked Trump’s order. Even though the Obama administration signed a law in December 2015 that places restrictions on specific travelers from the aforementioned countries, Trump’s expansion of the law bars all citizens from those countries from entering the U.S. Despite detractors’ beliefs, it is insisted that this is not a Muslim ban but an attempt to keep the US safe from terrorism.

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