Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: Undocumented Workers Injured On the Job

The majority of the Pennsylvania workforce is protected under the state’s Workers’ Compensation statutes on the day their employment begins. Subcontractors and other types of independent contractors may be designated as employees if their services are recognized as being integral to the employer’s trade, or business, or if the contractor is performing significant manual labor.

If a worker is injured on the job or at their worksite, the first action they must take is to report the accident to their supervisor and employer. Once an employer or supervisor has been informed of the accident, they are then required to submit an accident form to the relevant authorities. The employer is also required to investigate the incident and determine if the injuries the worker sustained were related to their job. If the injury is determined to be work related, this would then result in a valid Workers’ Compensation claim.

However, as many undocumented workers injured on the job have discovered, the process of receiving Worker’s Compensation is not so easy if the worker lacks proper work authorization. Undocumented workers are among those in the most vulnerable populations, working in high-risk jobs and worksites, while often being denied basic safety protections and health care. Many seasonal laborers perform services that are both integral to their employer’s business and consist of significant manual labor.  Despite these facts, they are at risk to not only be denied benefits, but to have their employment terminated, and be possibly detained by immigration authorities.

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to deny undocumented workers benefits if they are informed by the employer that the worker lacks work authorization. When this occurs, the injured worker is subsequently unable to obtain medical care, receive medication or access services like physical therapy.

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