Immigration Lawyers in Philadelphia:  Applications for a U.S. Visa may be Denied Due to Various Eligibility Requirements

People from all over the world apply for visas to the United States.  For most, the process is successful, but for some, visa requests are denied when applicants fail to meet eligibility requirements.  Each applicant for a U.S. visa must be interviewed by a Consulate or U.S. Embassy officer.  This interview is crucial to the processing of the visa.  If the Consulate denies the application, the applicant is notified and may be able to reapply in some cases.  Those denied for illegal or undesirable behavior may be permanently denied entrance into the United States.

Simple denials based on lack of sufficient information or not applying for the correct visa are easy to fix.  Securing the necessary documents or resubmitting the application for the correct visa will rectify the situation for the applicant.  Other eligibility factors mandated by the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) may not be such a quick or easy fix.  Applicants that have a criminal record for moral crimes, drug charges, have a history of incarceration lasting more than five consecutive years, and those who misrepresented or supplied fraudulent information on the application, or had  previous visa violations may be permanently denied.  Applicants without proof of adequate financial support available to them in the U.S. are at risk for a denial as well.

Failure to supply adequate evidence of immigrant intent is another common reason for denial of a visa.   Applicants without strong ties to their homeland may raise red flags to the consular officer conducting the applicant interview.  Those without a job, a home, or family ties may lead officers to question whether the applicant truly intends to leave the U.S. after their authorized stay, or if they intend to apply for a change in their non-immigrant status once in the United States.  Supplying additional information about their personal situation and reporting changes in their personal status could prove their intent to visit the U.S. temporarily and qualify them to reapply for a visa.

In some cases, applicants initially denied for a visa may have a chance to apply for an ineligibility waiver.  The Consulate that denies the application for a visa can tell the applicant if he or she qualifies for a waiver.  Most waivers are available for spouses and children of immigrants, and to those with a misdemeanor record.  Applicants in emergency situations and those with special humanitarian considerations may also qualify for an ineligibility waiver.

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