Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers Report: Immigration Reform Coalition In Miami Lobbying To Pass Stalled Legislation Before Congressional Recess

Joe Green, co-founder of the grassroots organization, recently joined a panel at Miami Dade College to continue the push to ratify the immigration reform bill that was passed by the Senate in the Spring of 2013, yet remains stalled in House awaiting approval.  Green, along with his former college roommate and founder of Facebook, Marc Zuckerberg have gathered financial support from the founders of Linked-In and DropBox to support their efforts to reform immigration laws. is pushing for reform that would grant visas to workers in the field of information technology so that they can contribute new ideas and skill to technology development in the U.S. Green and Zuckerberg use their webpage and social media to rally support for immigration reform. Two Florida Republican Congressman have joined the crusade in Miami and are working hard to get the bill passed before the Congressional recess in August.  Proponents of the bill claim that immigration reform will not only help the U.S. economy, but will also utilize the talents of those educated in the U.S. that can contribute their skills to help build the economy.  Republican Representative Mario Diaz-Balart believes that there is a 50/50 chance that the bill will be passed before the Congressional recess in August. Opponents to the immigration reform bill are calling for the 11 million illegal immigrants in our country to be fined and be required to follow a revised work permit process.  Meanwhile, millions of undocumented immigrants face deportation and inhumane conditions in prisons as they await their trial in overcrowded and understaffed immigration courtrooms.

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