Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: Case Backlog Grows

In the United States there are 474,000 pending immigration cases, and that number could climb to one million within six years. Part of the problem leading to the high number of backlogged cases is that there are only 262 immigration judges handling them. The other side of the issue lies in budgeting. In 2013, the immigration court system received $304 million. During that same year, agencies that were responsible for apprehending immigrants had received $18 billion.

In Houston alone, the case backlog rose 460 percent from 2010 to 2016. Pending cases in 2010 were at 6,400 compared to the 36,100 cases pending today. There are six immigration judges in Houston taking on this ever-growing number of backlogged cases. A non-profit organization, Human Rights First, says that Houston’s backlogged cases could double in three years if no intervention is taken. Texas itself, behind California, has the highest backlog among immigration courts in the country at 82,000.

Human Rights First and other non-profits are urging Congress to allow funding in the budget for 75 more immigration judge teams in 2017. According to Eleanor Acer, director of the Human Rights First refugee protection program, the growing problem is undermining the credibility of the immigration system and matters will continue deteriorating if nothing is done about it. She also expresses concern about immigrants who are stuck for years waiting to see if they will be protected or not. In Houston, Mexicans make up the majority of pending cases. On average, they are waiting three years for their cases to be resolved. The overall average for case wait times in Houston is two years, slowing the citizenship process.

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