Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers Discuss Details of Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit

Pope Francis, from Argentina, is the first Latin American Pope of the Catholic Church. That fact alone may inspire many Hispanics to want to see the Pope when he visits Philadelphia this September. However, one of the bigger reasons for Hispanic Catholics’ support of the Pope is because he treats immigrants with kindness and respect during his public speeches.

Pope Francis and Immigration

Pope Francis has been an engaging Pope since he began his papacy several years ago. In addition to supporting immigration rights for Hispanics, Pope Francis has been an active supporter for African and other immigrants.

Pope Francis is expected to meet with Latino schoolchildren while in New York and with many immigrants when he visits Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. While Pope Francis is in the U.S., he will also meet with Latinos and Catholic leaders to discuss what can be done to improve the immigration status of the country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants. Many of these undocumented immigrants live in poverty and those who work would lose their livelihood if they were deported back to Mexico or Central America.

The Pope’s visit comes at a time of political tension over how immigrants should be treated in the United States. Some politicians want to encourage immigrants to stay and have a firm identifiable path to U.S. citizenship. Others complain that the many immigrants are not following proper procedures and should only be allowed to stay if they follow the immigration laws to the letter.

Pope Francis has always emphasized human dignity and family, as well as trying to resolve the legal status of immigrants during his public addresses. Nationwide, there are a total of 4,358 parishes who identified as part of an organized ministry for Hispanics, which is nearly one-fourth of the country’s parishes in total. Many of those parishes provide assistance to undocumented immigrants, many of whom go to church, making the Catholic Church a source of help for many undocumented immigrants. Moreover, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is one of several organizations that is lobbying for better immigration laws.

Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers at Surin & Griffin, PC Hope Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit Can Help Undocumented Immigrants

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