Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: Economic Effects of Immigration in Pennsylvania

The League of United Latin American Citizens recently conducted an immigration study. The results of the study confirm that immigration and naturalization of undocumented workers will be a great help to the Pennsylvania economy and Pennsylvania communities. A Partnership for a New America poll found that nearly two-thirds of Pennsylvania residents believe comprehensive immigration reform is a good idea. There is a push for new immigration studies countrywide to determine the effects of immigration on the economy.

Immigration Reform will Help Pennsylvania’s Economy

REMI (Regional Economic Models, Inc.) an organization which studies the effects reforms will have on the economy found that creating pathways to citizenship will expand the highly-skilled sector. The combination of highly-skilled workers and temporary worker programs will add $9.3 billion, in 2012 dollars, to the Pennsylvania economy by 2045.

REMI also found that the 7.1 percent of the state’s labor force was born outside of the country, and that ten percent of the economic output for the Philadelphia metropolitan area was built on the work of immigrants. These foreign-born workers pay a substantial amount of state and local taxes which will benefit all Pennsylvanians.

Immigration reform will improve the state economy because many undocumented workers are in high-demand because they are willing to take on hard jobs for low pay. More immigrant workers will also increase state productivity, improve the state’s capital investments, and increase the number of entrepreneurs in Keystone State.

Immigrants Provide Innovation and New Technology

Interestingly, close to a third of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) graduates enrolled in Pennsylvania’s most research-intensive schools were born outside of the United States. More than three out of every five Pennsylvania engineering PHDs are foreign-born. These savvy scientists, who stay in Pennsylvania, will add new ideas and new businesses to the state.

Moreover, statistics reveal that immigration reform will increase home values, agricultural output and the tourism industry.

Pennsylvania is a heavy agriculture state with over 63,000 farms selling $5.8 billion in agriculture products. Between 2007 and 2011, foreign farmworkers accounted for 18% of all state farmworkers. Over 900,000 foreign visitors came to Pennsylvania in 2011 so it is reasonable to believe more immigrants living in the state will encourage more foreigners to visit their relatives and to explore Pennsylvania.

CBO (Congressional Budget Office) Studies

The CBO is a nonpartisan agency. In the recent review of a Senate immigration reform bill, the CBO determined that the bill, which provides a pathway to citizenship for many immigrants, would increase the GNP (Gross National Product) by 3.3 percent by 2023, and 5.4 percent by 2033. This GDP increase means the U.S. economy will increase by about $700 billion by 2023, and $1.4 trillion by 2033, using current dollars, if there is immigration reform.

The CBO study also found that the Senate proposal would contribute to a reduction of the federal deficit by almost $850 billion over the next 20 years, and even improve Social Security’s financial situation by almost $300 billion over the next ten years. The improvement to Social Security would extend its solvency by two years.

Philadelphia Immigration lawyers at Surin and Griffin P.C. Understand Why Immigration Reform Helps Pennsylvania Residents

When the math is examined instead of the fear, it is clear that immigration reform will help the Pennsylvania economy. Immigrants are hard workers who appreciate the opportunity to work in a state and a country that puts a priority on freedom.

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