Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: Increase in Immigration Filing Fees

Fees for filing immigration and naturalization applications, as well as petitions, will likely see a 21 percent average increase during this summer. Changes to filing fees last occurred in 2010. According to a proposal by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the fees that presently exist would result in an average loss of $560 million for the organization. The USCIS states that the current fees are not enough to cover the cost of the services provided. Revenue for the organization is primarily funded by the application and petition fees, at 95 percent.

Service Times Lacking

In 2000, Congress ordered the USCIS to abide by established processing timelines. Employer-sponsored non-immigrant visa processing times were set at 30 days. Employer sponsored immigration processing times were established at 180 days. Processing times are realistically double or longer than what Congress had proposed. Among experts, there is a consensus that service times need to be expedited. Many also hope that the fee increases will result in faster processing times.

Fee Increases

Form I-924, which allows organizations to be designated as EB-5 regional centers, will witness a 186 percent increase in fees. The fee at the current time is $6,230 and the increase will see the amount climb to $17,795. Form I-526 administers green cards to individuals who invest considerable money into U.S. businesses in order to provide American workers with jobs. Fees for filing this specific form will rise by 145 percent. Right now the amount is $1,500 and will increase to $3,675.

Additional fee increases are as follows:

  • Form I-129 will increase 42 percent from $325 to $460.
  • Form I-140 will increase 21 percent from $580 to $700.
  • Form I-765 will increase by 8 percent.

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