Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: Immigration Success Stories

Immigration has become a topic of duress for many across the country in recent years, including becoming one of the hot topics in the current preliminary presidential race. Despite being heavily covered by the media and political pundits, little factual or anecdotal information has been shared on the complex issue.

U.S. representative Linda Sanchez recently embarked on a campaign to bring attention to some of the powerful success stories of immigrants who came to the United States and the positive impact they have had on their communities. Her tour of immigrant owned Brentwood Home’s Mattress facility in California constructed a more accurate representation of the capabilities of real life immigrants in America.

A Vietnamese immigrant and his family fled to the U.S during the Vietnamese civil war in an attempt to better their lives. After spending years as a salesman, then as a manager, the immigrant started the Brentwood Home’s manufacturing company, which is now a $50 million a year global business. The business has survived for decades and many of those employed there are immigrants who have worked at the company from its inception.  One such immigrant employee and his son fled civil war in Guatemala, moved to the United States and started working at Brentwood Home’s. When interviewed by the Congresswoman, they were eager to offer their praises to what their employer had given their family and other immigrant families alike in terms of opportunity and stability.

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez is herself a daughter of immigrant parents who came over to the United States from Mexico to create a better life for her family. Her hope of the Brentwood Home’s Mattress tour was to spread awareness of the positive effects on society immigrants can make for our country rather than focusing on the perceived, yet largely unproven, negative impact. Brentwood Home’s is only one of many immigrant-owned business that has generated jobs, wealth and a sense of community across the nation.

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