Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: Mass Deportation Will Adversely Affect Public Health

The American College of Physicians has communicated that they are strongly opposed to the mass deportation of illegal immigrants. They recently released a statement saying that should the government follow through on the mass deportation of the 12 million undocumented immigrants currently in the United States, the people of our country will be faced with serious public health consequences. The physicians group is urging the 143,000 internists they represent to take a stand against the mass deportation proposals.

Dr. Wayne J. Riley, the American College of Physicians president, stated that millions of defenseless people would suffer adverse health consequences if a massive deportation of undocumented immigrants takes place. He cited various studies which have confirmed that emotional distress and depression are products of the fear associated with family members being separated from each other when the probability of deportation is looming. Undocumented immigrants suffer psychological and emotional trauma when forced to interact with federal, state and local government officials because of the severe trust issues they have developed over recent years. Immigrants also feel incredible trepidation when they need care from physicians and other health care professionals and have to go to publicly-funded hospitals and clinics.

Mistrust May Thwart Medical Treatment

Undocumented immigrants have become conditioned to mistrust doctors in addition to government officials to such an extreme that it could cause sick immigrants to avoid the medical care they need. If they have an infectious disease and do not seek treatment, the potential for a public health emergency is a certainty. A tragedy such as this would not only impose significant costs on the overall health care system, but could be detrimental and affect a far reach of people. The flip side to this deportation issue is that emergency treatment for undocumented immigrants costs Medicaid around two billion dollars a year. However in 2013, Kaiser Health News reported the total cost is less than one percent of Medicaids total costs.

Regardless of the deportation legalities, the American College of Physicians issued their statement to remind lawmakers that all doctors have an ethical duty to encourage the health and well-being of society as a whole, irrespective of citizenship status. The group is strongly advocating for an immigration policy that balances control over who is permitted to enter the country and at the same time provides all of the countrys occupants accessibility to medical care.

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