Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers: Teacher Federations Help Immigrant Children

Children in Houston, Texas that fled from Mexico with their families to strive for a better life are facing adversity when it comes to their education. Many of these kids are crying out to receive the education their families risked their lives for in order to give their children. Most of the families came to the U.S. in order to provide these kids the opportunity that they would not have had available in their home country, which is now being systematically taken away.

Immigration reform is being influenced by the recent collaborative effort of the American Federation of Teachers and its equivalent in Mexico, the Sindicato Nacional de Trabaja dores de la Educacion (SNTE). The organizations are seeking to make education easier to obtain for students left in the United States alone and unsupervised due to the deportation of their parents.

Despite much of the controversy surrounding immigration and deportation in the United States, the SNTE President believes that we must not leave millions of children without the education that they desperately need to succeed. Support services and parent support resources are top priorities according to the organization. The group hopes these new developments will prompt immigration reform at large in the country.

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