Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers:  White House Directive Protects Immigrants from Deportation

On November 20, 2014 President Obama introduced an executive order to redefine the criteria for repatriation of undocumented workers in the country.  The order extends amnesty to millions of immigrants who might have been at risk for deportation.  Obama recently addressed the changes in a television interview, and said that law enforcement officials should treat the changes as a direct order that must be obeyed.

Obama’s executive order amends the current immigration law to prioritize candidates for deportation.  Undocumented workers who have been living and working in the country for a long period of time will be low on the list, while officials will be focusing on those with criminal records and people who have recently immigrated.  Approximately five million long-term residents will also be eligible for residency cards, which will allow them to apply for jobs, access federal support programs such as anti-poverty assistance, get Social Security numbers, and expedite the naturalization process.

White House Expects Adherence to New Statutes

The order is part of a larger effort by the Obama administration to reduce the number of deportations.  Under the current immigration laws, about 12 million people residing in the United States are eligible for immediate deportation, which may be an insurmountable task.  Obama has characterized this as a waste of resources, and has reduced the number of deportations from 30,000 per month in 2012 to 11,000 as of January 2015.

During the interview, Obama made a point to say that there would be consequences for enforcement officials who adhere to the previous immigration statutes instead of the executive order.  He likened U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement employees to soldiers under his direct command, and said they will be subject to punishment if they fail to follow the order.  The reprioritization initiative may be costly, as federal support programs must be subsidized by tax revenue, but it will give peace of mind to millions of immigrants who have been living and working here for years.

Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers at Surin & Griffin, P.C. Protect the Rights of Undocumented Workers

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