Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers | Philadelphia’s New Stance Against ICE Holds And Detainers

While Congress slowly works towards much needed comprehensive immigration reform, the City of Philadelphia has decided to take immigration matters into its own hands.  With a groundbreaking executive order, Mayor Michael Nutter has banned police and prison officials from honoring requests for federal immigration detainers within the city.  No longer will Philadelphia police and prison officers work in cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) with respect to ICE requests for “holds” or detainment of all immigrants arrested or accused of a criminal offense.

Under ICE holds and detainers, undocumented and legal resident immigrants can be held in prison for an additional period of time after being arrested for an alleged crime.  When the police or prison officers honor an ICE hold, the accused’s fingerprints and personal information are shared with ICE.  Under an ICE hold, the arrested individual could be detained for up to 48 additional hours to give ICE the opportunity to investigate and/or interrogate the suspect.  Immigrant rights groups, including the New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia, have criticized the detainment of immigrants merely at the request of ICE officials and without any legal due process or procedure.

Mayor Nutter’s Executive Order bars police and prison cooperation with ICE in all detainer matters except when a suspect in custody has been previously convicted of a violent felony and ICE has properly obtained a warrant to support the detainer request.  Philadelphia now joins several other municipalities, including Miami, San Francisco, Newark, New Orleans and New York City, who have taken action to weaken the power of ICE with respect to unjust and unfair holds and detainers.

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