Alicia FarrenNew Hope for Visa Cases Stalled by COVID-19

A combination of travel restrictions and suspension of the processing of routine visa services due to COVID-19 have caused severely negative effects in the greater Philadelphia area. Local employers and the families of visa applicants found it nearly impossible to get cases concluded and people where they belong.

Many employers, including hospitals in need of medical professionals, could not regain staffers or add new ones with the imposed travel restrictions and general halt of routine employment-based visa services. Moreover, many families are missing key members as family-based visa cases mostly were ignored during the pandemic. The good news is that vaccinations are helping to ease the matter.

Vaccinations Ease Restrictions on Visa Processing

With COVID-19 vaccinations fully underway and generally dispensed across the United States, President Joe Biden recently relaxed several travel restrictions and accelerated processing of visa cases. That provides hope for local job providers in the greater Philadelphia area who need to get highly skilled workers back on the job. Many families would also benefit from having their loved ones with them, once again via more rapid handling of family-based visa applications.

The general effect of the travel restrictions and reduction in employment-based and family-based visa applications caused a worker shortage in many critical industries, including healthcare. Temporary workers in agriculture, retail and other industries are essential workers, but many are running into impassable barriers to entry with COVID-19 restrictions.

The American Immigration Council suggests the current administration do more to remove barriers to entry for medical professionals whose talents the United States badly needs. Other essential workers who are either temporarily in the United States for seasonal work, or who have permanent immigration status pending also need more rapid approvals to help the national economy rebound.

About 20 percent of the workforce in Greater Philadelphia are immigrants and employed in healthcare, education, retail and hospitality. Those sectors have been hit very hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and badly need their qualified workers who can return to do so. They also need to hire new employees to make up for those who cannot come back due to the impact of the pandemic outside of the United States.

Global Travel Restrictions Remain a Problem

Even as more employment-based and family-based visa cases are processed in the United States, international travel restrictions to the United States remain a major issue. In addition, respective nations have essentially stopped processing visas due to COVID-19 which results in additional problems.

Many successful applicants in the United States find it impossible to leave their respective nations due to the pandemic’s global effect. Such international restrictions greatly complicate matters, but a consultation with an experienced immigration attorney can help to make matters easier to understand while working to put together a viable legal plan.

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